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Have you noticed that graphic novels have become extra popular lately? Some titles have even been adapted into kids shows and movies, like The Bad Guys and Captain Underpants. If you’re searching for new reading ideas for your children, this post highlights some of the best graphic novel series for new readers.

What are graphic novels and how are they different from chapter books?

Graphic novels are books that are illustrated with sequential art, much like a comic book, and the story is told through illustrated panels. Whereas, in illustrated chapter books, the story is told mostly in text with some illustrations. Both formats are accessible for young readers and children who are having difficulty learning to read.

Kids love to read graphic novels

Kids love to read graphic novels and for good reason. With fun illustrations and fewer text sections to read, the format is an excellent way for new readers to stay motivated. Readers can learn a lot about the story and the characters through the pictures. The stories are often humorous and are drives exciting action-filled plots.

Did you know that graphic novels are also great for readers who have challenges?

Graphic novels and illustrated novels are also a great way for children who struggle with reading to keep developing their skills. The engaging characters and often funny plots keep kids interested.  Another bonus of graphic novels, is that struggling readers can feel like they can read chapter books, just like their peers. Many parents with who have children with reading disorders say that graphic novels were the first open door to their children succeeding in learning to read.

Graphic novel series keeps kids wanting more

This recommended reading list focuses on series, because quite often having a series keeps kids motivated to keep reading. Once they find something they like, they know that there are books in the series to enjoy.

Excellent graphic novel series for new readers

Below you’ll find 17 of best graphic novel series for new readers. I included a few illustrated chapter books that are also great reads. I hope you’ll find some new titles for your children to enjoy. My kids have read and thoroughly enjoyed many of these series. With the popularity of graphic novels on the rise, I hope to see many more awesome series coming out soon.

The Bad Guys series by Aaron Blabey

These Bad Guys are unlike any other. Adventure, humour and saving the world. These books have it all.

Cat Wad series by Jim Benton

Cat Wad doesn't always know what to do best when it comes to having friends. With limited text and truly funny illustrations, these books are great for new readers.

Dog Man, Cat Kid and Captain Underpants series by Dav Pilkey 

What do you do when your ADHD and Dyslexia cause you to have trouble in school? If you're Dav Pilkey you grow up and create some of the best kids books ever! All of these series are great for struggling readers and will have kids laughing out loud.

Narwhal and Jelly series by Ben Clanton

Inspired by nature's beauty, Ben Clanton mashed up an illustrated chapter book with a graphic novel to create this popular early reading series. The limited text and illustrations help young readers along.

Pug Pals by Flora Ahn

What happens when two pugs face daily adventures? These cute pug pals learn to deal with changes of all kinds in this illustrated chapter book series.

Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel

Bad Kitty just can't be a good kitty, but it wouldn't be nearly as funny without all the mischief. Nick Bruel's books about Bad Kitty are now available in full colour.

Bunbun and Bonbon series by Jess Keating

When a bunny finds a true friend in a gum drop, life is so much better! This cute series has limited text and bright illustrations.

InvestiGATORs by Patrick Green

Who says two crocodiles can't fight crime underground? Follow Mango and Brash in their hilarious clue-finding missions, as they work together to make the world a better place.

Arlo and Pips by Elise Gravel

This three book series is great for new readers. They'll learn bird facts and about friendship, as Arlo and Pip grow and learn together.

Pizza and Taco by Stephen Shaskan

These two friends know how to have fun, even when they don't always agree. With minimal text and unique illustrations, this series helps young readers feel successful.

Grumpy Unicorn by Joey Spiotto

Grumpy Unicorn is far from your regular rainbows and sunshine character. This series is a cute (sorry, Grumpy) look at a character who's seeking to find how he fits in the world.

The Yeti Files by Kevin Sherry

If you wonder about pop culture's weirdest creatures, this series is perfect for you. The Yeti Files looks into crytoids and is full of humour and adventure.

Dino Mighty! series by Doug Paleo and Aaron Blecha

Four dinosaur best friends use their talents to save Dinotown from bad guys and even bad smells! These books are full of humor and superhero fun.

Waffles and Pancake - a prequel series for young readers by Drew Brockington

(Catstronauts series author)

This series for young readers is all about when the Catstronauts were kittens. It has same emotion, humour and science-based settings as the middle grade series.

Kung Pow Chicken by Cyndi Marko

When Gordon Blue, a second grader chicken, becomes a super hero by accident, he needs to learn to fight crime with his sidekick, Egg Drop.

Cat and Cat Adventures by Susie Yi

Squash and Ginny are two cats who travel to fantasy destinations as they solve mysteries and meet intriguing friends along the way. Minimal text and cute illustrations make this series purrfect for young readers.

Babymouse and Squish series by Jennifer L. Holm and Mathew Holm. There's lots here for kids to love. Both series feature relatable school experiences. Babymouse (20 books to enjoy) tries out many activities from rock to cupcake tycoon.

In the funny, and unique Squish series, a young ameoba tries to navigate the trials of school life.

What graphic novels do your young readers love?

I’m always keen to learn about about new graphic novel titles. Please share your recommendations.

From @365learnandplay enjoy reading!

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