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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Active Kids ages 4 to 6

Kid jumping with images of a swing, swim googles, soccer ball, basketball, helmet and a bike

Finding the right gift can be like searching for a needle in a haystack and finding a gift that can stand up to active kids can be even harder. Since I spend so much time researching gifts to find high-quality and durability, I decided to pull together this ultimate gift guide for active kids ages […]

Sensory play with rhyming words

Sensory play with hearts and rice

When kids play with sensory items, it helps their developing minds to build strong neural connections. This simple play set up combines sensory play with rhyming words. Sensory play has many benefits for children’s growing minds Sensory is a category of play that engages the five senses and encourages children to explore the world around […]

Best Graphic Novel Series for New Readers

Graphic novel series for new readers

Have you noticed that graphic novels have become extra popular lately? Some titles have even been adapted into kids shows and movies, like The Bad Guys and Captain Underpants. If you’re searching for new reading ideas for your children, this post highlights some of the best graphic novel series for new readers. What are graphic […]