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Six spring play ideas

6 spring play ideas

The beauty and wonder of spring provide endless inspiration for play and learning. These six spring play ideas will get kids involved in hands-on learning about this wonderful season of new beginnings. Six spring play ideas for indoors and outdoors When spring rolls around, we all love to head outdoors and explore the changes of […]

Homemade spring bug-themed vase

homemade spring vase - recycled glass jar bug-themed vase

A homemade spring vase makes a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or for an end-0f-year teacher gift. The vases are inspired by bugs and make use of a recycled glass jar. Homemade spring vase inspired by bugs If you’re looking for a fun spring or summer gift that kids can make, these bug-themed vases are […]

Cute Easter Basket Craft

Woven Easter basket craft for kids: easter eggs in paper woven basket

You can easily make this Easter basket craft with things you have at home and the free printable download. Supplies include paper, paint or markers/crayons, and yarn. Though you can easily make your own basket handle with other supplies if you don’t have yarn available.

Play ideas with eye droppers

Colourful fun for kids with eye droppers

Play ideas with eye droppers It doesn’t seem obvious at first, but eye droppers make an excellent toy for kids. Just like young kids love playing with kitchen items, eye droppers make a great learning tool. Kids love to explore with the different ways everyday objects work, and eye droppers can be used in many […]

Six recycled crafts kids will love

Six great ideas for recycled crafts

Learn to create these recycled crafts for kids:
1. Box animal – Elmer the Elephant
2. Tin foil robot
3. Toy dollhouse apartment
4. Egg carton faces
5. Magazine pet collage
6. Cardboard sensory puzzle – dinosaur